M4 Users Conference 2016 - Optional Training


This year, we have implemented a new app to improve your 2016 M4 Users Conference experience! It’s packed with so many awesome features to make your User Conference mission one you won’t forget.
Here are some of the app features you can look forward to:


  • Create your own schedule! This year’s app allows you to create your own schedule so all of your trainings and activities are in one place. Take advantage of the session reminders so you can receive an alert 15 minutes before your session starts and make it to the room on time.
  • Interactive map! The Richmond Marriott is a huge hotel! Use our app’s interactive map to navigate throughout the hotel and find your destination as quickly as possible! We have also included a Google Map feature with restaurant suggestions nearby!
  • Easily see which sessions are included in your conference track! The 2016 M4 Users Conference features 6 tracks – Beginner, Advanced, Customer Service/Sales/Marketing, Engineering, Campus, IT – to ensure you are getting the most out of the sessions you attend. You can view the tracks for each session in the app, which are color-coded for your convenience.
  • Participate in live polls! We will have a series of live polls during the conference which are accessed through the app! Answer our poll and you could win a prize!
  • Meet Mapcom! We have an informative section of the app, which features bios and photos of all our Mapcom employees! Each presenter’s bio is linked to the session they are teaching so you can learn more about them.


Make sure you visit our M4 Users Conference website and register today! And stay tuned for instructions on how to download our 2016 M4 Users Conference app in the coming future!