There’s no better opportunity to fast-track your certification than at the annual M4 Users Conference! By taking quizzes on the modules your company owns, you can earn new points and reach the next certification level. Our customer certification program includes four levels of achievement: Specialist, Professional, Expert, and Master. On the blog today, we’re interviewing our Training Coordinator, Blanca Alvarez, to highlight all of the benefits of training and certification at the upcoming Users Conference!

The Certification Lab is back! Can you tell us what’s new this year?

The lab will come fully equipped with items that will help you test well! There will be computers, manuals – and of course, a Mapcom employee to answer any of your certification questions! Unlike in years past, attendees will have the opportunity to pick up their newly-earned certificates and swag items on-site! Instead of waiting for your items to be mailed to you after completing a new certification level, you will receive them on-site and can use them at Users Conference!

This year we’re unveiling new certification swag! What items may our attendees receive?

All levels include a certification along with a letter to your GM and a press release to celebrate your efforts! Specialists will receive a Swivel bottle and a plaque to hold their certification certificates. Professionals receive a stainless-steel coffee tumbler and a tote. Experts will receive a gym bag. Masters will receive an Embarcadero backpack!

There’s sure to be a green jacket or two around UC – can you explain how to become a Double Master?

A Double Master jacket is achieved when a user reaches 144 certification points! This can be achieved by taking quizzes and exams on modules your company owns, attending Tips and Tricks, and taking advantage of other testing opportunities during events at Users Conference!

We’re offering 13 trainings at Users Conference this year! How can training supplement your certification experience?

Our in-depth optional trainings are the perfect chance to brush up on module basics and advanced skills. In a small classroom setting, attendees will get to talk through specific M4 workflows with subject-matter experts and take this knowledge to the M4 Certification Lab to earn both points and swag!

Below you can find a breakdown of the certification levels you can achieve while at Users Conference!

M4 Certification

  • M4 Specialist – 24 points
  • M4 Professional – 40 points
  • M4 Expert – 56 points
  • M4 Master –72 points

M4 Web Application Certification

  • M4 Web Specialist – 24 points
  • M4 Web Professional – 40 points
  • M4 Web Administrator – qualifying administrator exams

Looking for more information on M4 Certification? Contact our Training team at!

Ready to become a double master? Visit the M4 Users Conference website and register today!