Community Outreach


The future of your telecommunications company lies in the hands of your community, especially the younger generations.  It is important to make an effort to reach out to everyone and leave a positive, lasting impression.   If you can lock in a customer for life from the time they become responsible for their own bills, with normal life expectancy and an average monthly revenue of just $50, you have a lifetime net value of at least $30,000 per user.  This is why it is critical to look at your community closer and make sure you continuously reach out and keep them engaged.  The more you invest in your community, the more valuable you will become to them. Below is a list of ideas to help you reach a very important goal – enhance the quality of life in your community.


  1. Host a Career Day for graduating seniors. When students are about to embark on their future, it’s nice to be able to give them a chance to meet with other community businesses and professionals to discover the correct path that they should follow.  By hosting the career day, you are helping shape the future of your community.  Not only will the students see you as valuable, but also the teachers, parents, and community leaders.

  3. Sponsor a music festival. Music brings people together and allows everyone to experience a fun afternoon. Reach out to the other businesses in your community to also come out and participate, especially food vendors. It’s a great way to get everyone together to support the community bond.

  5. Organize a silent auction scholarship charity event. What’s more fun than a chance to win great items that were donated by the community? By having a charity event to raise money for scholarships, you are showing your community that you care about the education and growth of the youth.

  7. Volunteer within the community. Simply said, take time to take care of the community you live in. Allow your employees half days to take off and go volunteer at the food bank, or to clean up the streets, or visit an elementary school to read to children.  Any way to get your presence out there (without expecting something in return) makes your company look good and your employees feel great.

  9. Publish a quarterly newsletter. When you create something of substance and send it out to your community, it is more likely to remain in their house and not be thrown out with the trash. You can include articles about how important your company is to the community.  You can also include recipes, word searches, crossword puzzles, coloring pages for the kids, and feature all the great community events you have put on throughout the year.


There are so many ways to enrich the quality of life for the communities in which you live and work in and I hope this article sparks even more ideas.  Feel free to do what you can to show you are more than just a telecommunications company.  The more you care, the more they will want to keep you successful.