M4 Users Conference 2016 - SIGs


Have you attended one of our online Special Interest Groups? Offered every quarter, these sessions are an opportunity for M4 users to gather with an M4 Product Manager and provide insight and feedback on the products’ uses and functionality.


At the 2016 M4 Users Conference, we invite M4 Users to meet in person with our experts and fellow users to participate in a group conversation on the future of our products. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are all about feedback and discussion. We suggest you make SIGs a part of your M4 Users Conference experience!


  1. Shape the future of the product by suggesting enhancements and updates! When you participate in SIGs, you develop the productto make it fit your needs and the needs of your peers in the industry. We take user input very seriously, and we strive to make enhancements that improve your experience with M4 Solutions.
  2. SIGs are offered throughout the entire conference. Whether you’re interested in Integrations, Assignment, Fiber, or Workforce discussions, you’ll have time to visit different sessions throughout the three days.
  3. Meet others who are using the M4 modules in new and innovative ways. The forum-style of our Special Interest Groups allows opportunities for discussion led by you, our M4 Users. Take note of what other companies have accomplished and enjoy the open conversation of your proud accomplishments.


Want to join the discussion with your peers in the industry? Click here to register today!