Gigabit Certified

As we mentioned in our RTIME Rewind, gigabit internet service is a hot topic in telecommunications right now. The NTCA is helping rural-based communications providers keep the pace with large companies by offering a Gig-Certification since 2015.

In order to become Gig-Certified by NTCA, providers need to demonstrate that gigabit technology is currently available within 95% percent of one or more exchanges, and that the service can be provided without new trenching or stringing new aerial facilities. All applicants need to confirm this information with a letter from an engineering firm or other independent source involved in the company’s network planning, deployment or operation.

In the 6 months since we last checked out NTCA’s list of Gig-Certified providers, the number of M4 users on the list has doubled! Our clients now make up over 15% of Gig-Certified providers. Congratulations to:

Farmers Mutual Telephone Company (Stanton), Stanton, Iowa

KanOkla Telephone Association, Caldwell, Kan.

Northeast Louisiana Telephone, Collinston, La.

Norvado (Chequamegon), Cable, Wis.

OmniTel Communications, Nora Springs, Iowa

Skyline Telephone Membership Corporation, West Jefferson, N.C.

Toledo Telephone Company Inc., Toledo, Wash.

Tri-County Telephone Membership Corp, Belhaven, N.C.

Twin Valley Telephone Inc., Miltonvale, Kan.

Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc., Raymondville, Texas