The Rural Broadband Association, NTCA, strives to bring awareness and focus to the rural telecom industry’s needs. The annual NTCA Legislative & Policy Conference brings together industry advocates with elected officials and their staff to address the issues the rural telecom industry faces. With a new administration in office, it is imperative to continue to push for improved and affordable rural telecommunications services.

Mapcom Systems stands with the NTCA and makes efforts for the industry to be heard. Mapcom’s President Chuck Flournoy and Account Executive Volodymyr Chornodolsky recently attended this conference in favor of our customers’ needs.

“It’s always a pleasure to represent Mapcom and our employees on behalf of our customers.  I believe our participation in meetings with legislators highlights the economic development impact of the work our customers do; by enabling our customers to bring robust broadband connectivity to their service areas these federal programs serve to bridge the digital divide – creating jobs, facilitating telemedicine and enhancing the quality of life in these rural communities.”

“Plus, over the past few months we have been invited to participate in several working sessions with USAC which help determine how the FCC’s programs will be administrated, so we bring those insights to Congressional visits as well.” – Chuck Flournoy, President of Mapcom Systems