6818792_lGigabit internet offerings continue to grow in popularity. To help you get ahead of the trend, we’ve been talking about building a compelling business case for Gigabit deployment. The purpose of the business case is to present all information relating to each step of the deployment process, including current facts, projections and potential risks and benefits. Since we’ve already covered how to build your executive brief, introduction and analysis, we’re set to finish the business case with conclusions and recommendations.

The Conclusion, Recommendations, and Next Steps

Prior to this section, the context surrounding the Gigabit service project has been laid out, detailing what the project will entail through deployment to completion and operations. Here we will summarize the specific action items next for the project. Those could include beginning market assessment, researching vendors for plant and contracting duties, or developing a more detailed project plan and management team.

We will also detail the line of thought that led to the conclusions that were reached and detail how much weight was given to particular factors that influence the decisions. In the future, that line of thinking can be examined, validated or adjusted for changing conditions.

Delivering the Business Case

Most importantly, a significant amount of thought needs to be given toward delivering the business case. Successful Gigabit service projects draw on more than the communications services provider’s resources. Community, local businesses, medical campuses, education campuses, and local neighborhoods all will see significant benefits and network effects from a Gigabit service project. Luckily, earlier in the business case we examined benefits from their perspectives, and now is the time to tailor presentation of the business case to each audience. Delivering the business case is really the first marketing campaign- a campaign for partners, early adopters and supporting resources who will help build momentum to get the project started.

At Mapcom Systems we have a number of clients who have already undergone or in the process of undergoing Gigabit service deployments. If you would like to benefit from our experience, then feel free to use and expand upon this business case template, reach out to us to set up conversations with peers, and learn where what we do has helped make these projects successful. You can email us to start a conversation today.