no-all-in-one-300The all-in-one model isn’t an open system. It typically locks in customer data, preventing integrations with other support systems. Why do all-in-one vendors hesitate to integrate with other systems? Because they realize that once a department sees how a customized system enables it to work much faster and easier, that department will want to break away from the all-in-one vendor.

So the all-in-one model really is about what most benefits the software vendor and not about what works for its clients. The all-in-one vendor suggests that interdepartmental synergies evaporate when a new system replaces it for one department. But the reality is that the all-in-one vendor could capitalize on the new system and provide even greater value to its customers by embracing the specific needs of each department. Unfortunately that takes an open and flexible platform designed to empower its users.

Because the all-in-one model can’t be all things to everyone, it is inevitable that a there will come a breaking point. Service providers tied up with all-in-one vendors must decide when they want to make the switch- the longer they wait, the more painful the process and the more behind they will be. Switching isn’t easy, but at Mapcom Systems we have clients of all sizes transitioning constantly. And because our platform approach is flexible, switching can be strategic and piecemeal. With an open-system platform like M4 Solutions, the service provider can regain control of its operations and workflows, and make choices that benefit everyone.

Look around at the department that could most benefit from having a more flexible and customized system. That’s a good place to start with a best of breed interface into a common platform. As a service provider adopts more departments onto the platform it’ll be able to regain the lost efficiencies from the compromises of the all-in-one systems.

The other advantage of this approach is the operational support systems become focused around business problems the service provider is experiencing. Maybe your engineering teams need greater efficiency because of specifics in your market. Maybe your customer service reps, sales, or marketing departments need visualizations built for them. No matter what your priorities are, a modular platform can be tailored to emphasize them. The all-in-one vendors have their set ways to deploy, their specific averaged out priorities of their customer base. Sometimes those align with your priorities and sometimes they do not. Our customers deploy business solution-focused support systems, engineered to meet their problems and priorities. If your all-in-one vendor does not have your specific priorities ahead of its desire to lock-in customers, then we are here to talk about how our clients partner with us to deploy solutions to their problems.

If you think it’s time to trade in your all-in-one system for a modular, customized platform, get in touch with us today.