December 28, 2017 – RICHMOND, VA Mapcom Systems, a leading provider of visual operations management software, hosted their annual M4 Users Conference at the Downtown Marriott in Richmond, VA, November 6 – 10, 2017. Over 150 M4 Users from all over the country traveled to Richmond to participate in trainings, workshops, special interest groups, and social outings.

Sierra Telephone Company has been using Mapcom Systems’ M4 Solutions since 2010. Sierra Telephone has utilized M4 over the past several years to digitize OSP and ISP plant, used work order tools to get information into M4 for tracking, and mined data for FCC and California report. Sierra Telephone leveraged M4’s Universal Translator to assist them in maintaining and restoring coverage during the many forest fires this past year in Fresno, CA. Together with M4, Sierra Telephone created workbenches that used  fire boundaries provided by state and federal agencies. These boundaries led to the creation of floating menus and quick buttons that Sierra Telephone could use in creating a restoration plan. These benches and plans were able to be quickly adapted as they received the latest data from the agencies.

The Proactive Plant Management (PPM) Award is given at the annual M4 Users Conference to a company that highlights innovation and company-wide buy in and usage that maximizes the benefits M4 Solutions. Sierra Telephone was announced the winner of this year’s award for their use of M4 and Universal Translator at a time of great challenge for their company. “It is with great honor that we present Sierra Telephone with this year’s PPM Award. Over the past year, they have demonstrated their resilience in the face of many forest fires in the Fresno area,” said Chuck Flournoy, President of Mapcom Systems. “Sierra leveraged M4 Universal Translator to maintain fire boundaries that helped them restore services to their customers as quickly as possible.”

Larry Cullens, Lisa Paul Samora, Lee Lockshaw, Brandon Goodson, JC McNally, and Joe Ewing from Sierra Telephone were in attendance to receive the award and are pictured below. Also pictured are Mapcom Systems’ John Granger, Chuck Flournoy, and Collin Granger.

About Sierra Telephone

Sierra Telephone has been providing service to customers in Eastern Madera and Mariposa Counties of California since 1895. A 100% digital, fiber optic network and “self-healing” fiber ring provide reliable, secure service of the highest quality. A wide variety of products and services are available to customers within our 775-square mile serving area. For more information about Sierra Telephone, please visit

About Mapcom Systems

Mapcom Systems is the developer of M4 Solutions – a visual operations platform that allows service providers to manage their workforce, as well as fiber, coax, wireless and copper networks, including both outside and inside plant at the physical and logical levels. M4 Solutions enables users to integrate and correlate data from existing billing, accounting, GPS tracking, element management and network monitoring applications in a powerful visual interface to all network elements. Since 1971, Mapcom has worked with independents, cooperatives, fiber communities, and campus telecommunications providers of all sizes across the United States, Canada, Central America and the Caribbean. For more information, visit the Mapcom website at