Asset and financial management is cumbersome when juggling multiple systems and tools. Benefit from streamlined processes that make record searching, FCC reporting, and inventory tracking as straightforward as possible.



Rely on a continually updated and accurate system.

With an open-interface approach, M4 software is designed to reduce swivel chair routines by consolidating information into one central repository. The M4 Integration Engine incorporates data from billing and accounting systems, allowing multiple departments to access the same automatically-updated resource for all purposes.

Effortlessly generate CPRs from existing records.

Create Continuing Property Records (CPRs) automatically by pulling information from existing plant records, work orders and your accounting system. Easy, accurate, and adaptable to your state’s requirements, M4 CPR is designed for maximum efficiency.

CPR Records
Wireless Propagation

Take the anxiety out of regulatory reporting.

Several times each year, providers are faced with hard deadlines for the monumental task of coordinating interdepartmental information for FCC reporting. M4 Solutions helps bridge the gap by collecting and correlating data, then producing ready-to-upload files for FCC submission.

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