Document your company’s property in detail with quick, accurate reports sourced from past line counts and customer records.


CPRs may now be created automatically. It’s easy, accurate and adaptable to your state requirements. Pulling data directly from engineering plant records and work orders, M4 CPR enables automatic asset tracking. Integrate with existing accounting and inventory applications to automate both construction cost estimating and as-built reporting.


  • Easily reconcile accounting records with engineering records
  • Configure reports to meet individual needs
  • Utilize standardized reports


  • Precise and reliable reporting
  • Integrates with existing accounting systems
  • Improve communication between accounting and engineering
CPR Reports

Simplify the Annual CPR Reporting Process

M4 CPR automates processes to assist your accounting staff in handling Continuing Property Records in-house. Users can dynamically enter and retrieve information from their accounting system, as well as accurately track overhead, materials and labor. M4 CPR eliminates inaccuracy by drawing reports directly from customer records already stored correctly in M4. This module seamlessly integrates with other accounting and billing software to provide reports based on specified time periods and sorted by FCC account or tax districts. M4 CPR has become an essential tool to companies striving to maintain their High Cost Program funding by placing the required company information right at their fingertips.

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