M4 Wireless

Completely manage all of your wireless operations with this comprehensive tool.


Discover innovative ways to maximize revenue, monitor operational trends and interpret the vast amounts of information from your wireless network. This powerful system enables you to target potential and existing customers by quickly determining serviceability.


  • Easily run antenna propagation using a simple interface
  • Compare propagation area and customer data
  • Quickly determine areas served by antenna
  • Report services, contracts and non-takes by antenna when integrated with billing
  • Automatically affiliate structures and customers to antennas


  • Regulate the financial health of the company from a wireless perspective
  • View your total network coverage area
  • Accurately correlate fixed wireless coverage with your fiber network to avoid overlaps
  • Easily identify overload issues and determine future tower placement
  • Provide visually accurate reports on service and coverage
M4 Wireless

Improved Wireless Management through Integration

View all of the data collected throughout your company in a geographic map-based interface by combining antenna locations and ranges with billing and switch information.

Technical Requirements:

  • Windows 7
  • SQL 2008 Express for workstations
  • IIS server for M4 web functionality
  • SQL 2008 Standard for server
  • Active directory domain control

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