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Our dynamic Visual Operations System brings all your assets together into one powerful interface. Manage your company's plant, people, and processes with our flexible, integrated solution.

Collaborate.  Integrate.  Visualize.

M4 Solutions’ modular OSS platform helps increase efficiency throughout your organization. By integrating with existing systems, M4 ensures data is visible to each department without sacrificing accuracy. We offer a variety of solutions to manage operations from top to bottom, with the flexibility to meet your unique needs.

What industry are you in?

Communications Providers

Communications Providers

Mapcom has developed one of the strongest reputations in the industry for developing software and solutions that truly make it easier to run and maintain a Communications Provider.

Transport Providers

Transport Providers

With one easy-to-navigate and intelligent map, long-haul and transport providers can view their fiber networks as a whole and drill down to unique instances within the same system.

University Networks

University Networks

M4 Solutions links the most detailed aspects of your campus-based communications network with an easily navigated map, making information retrieval and updates instantaneous.

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The M4 Visual Operations System

Visuals enhance organizational communications. For operational support systems, or “OSS”, communicating information quickly to the right decision maker is critical. A Visual Operations System can be summed up like this: quick, clear, visual communication.

A Visual Operations System , or “VOS,” brings together all of an organization’s operations, and displays information to facilitate quick, timely, and accurate decisions.

At Mapcom our M4 platform is designed as a VOS, allowing operational data about communications providers, universities, and transport providers to flow to the people that need it as they manage the processes critical to the success of the organization.

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“Mapcom has the insight of an entire industry and leads the industry in the scope of its product.”


“Mapcom’s M4 suite of products allows us to share information easily across the enterprise. The integration of our billing and operations support systems will save us countless hours in our day-to-day operations.”

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“Great product with great people that go above and beyond for their customers.”