M4 RevGen

Precisely target prospects and upsell opportunities with this module.


Designed to maximize revenue from residential and commercial customers, M4 RevGen empowers your Sales team with intelligent data. In this module, users can precisely target prospects and upsell opportunities based on a myriad of inputs – including demographic data, cell tower placements, local municipalities’ data and more.


  • Integrate demographic data directly into your network map to identify new opportunities with geographic context
  • Full view of network and splice points within Google Earth
  • Ability to pre-engineer physical routes to potential customers on-site


  • A versatile toolkit for targeted sales, with full integration capabilities
  • Competitive advantage of on-the-spot commitment
  • Reduced time spent determining serviceability
  • Improved marketing/sales campaign planning and tracking
  • Maximized CLEC opportunities and ROI through feasibility analysis
M4 RevGen

Take Advantage of Smart Data and Automation

M4 RevGen is an easy-to-use combination of sales and marketing tools. With an intuitive interface available for the tablet, PDA or laptop, this module is the ideal on-site sales tool. M4 RevGen integrates with other M4 modules and your pre-existing systems to identify and pre-qualify targets, as well as create-on-the-spot solutions for prospective customers to view.

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