M4 Mobile Tech

Take the power of M4 out into the field with this versatile module.


Manage daily activities online and in real-time with M4 Mobile Tech. Technicians can access work assignments from tablet or PC devices to update ticket status, make schedule changes, and more. Techs can stay in touch with changing priorities throughout the day, as well as streamline stock management when used in conjunction with M4 Inventory. M4 Mobile Tech brings a wealth of information to a new world of handheld devices.


  • Ability to color code features and equipment based on status
  • Access Technicians’ daily appointments from anywhere
  • Work and clear tickets while off line with no internet connection
  • View ticket history for a customer structure
  • Ability to create equipment attributes based on business needs (i.e. Serial Numbers, Port number, IP address)


  • Technicians have their daily appointments available to them at all times
  • Technicians and Dispatchers can keep in constant communication with each other without having to call in and provide a more paperless workflow
  • Accurately track additional billable work and charges to the customer
  • Track extra work that is added unexpectedly while the Technician is onsite at the customer premise


Average time saved per day for dispatchers using M4


Average time saved per day for technicians using M4

Video: GVTC's Story

Hear from GVTC about their experience with M4 Workforce and Mobile Tech.

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