M4 Circuit Manager

Enhance operations with complete circuit monitoring across all equipment types.


M4 Circuit Manager is groundbreaking software, extending M4’s scope from infrastructure connections to the layers in the network. Design, plan and manage your outside plant, connections, terminations and circuits all from within the same geographic platform. M4 Circuit Manager integrates with various EMS, CRM, network management, billing and accounting applications.


  • Create and manage logical facility paths throughout your network
  • Calculate facility utilization rates for planned circuit paths
  • Geographically display circuit paths
  • Display port-to-port circuit details from A to Z
  • Associate circuits to physical cable paths


  • Provides tailored, secure access to information
  • Better access to circuit and customer data during network disruptions
  • Streamlined creation of design and circuit layout reports
  • Simplifies equipment upgrades and reassignments
  • Easy-to-use common interface for multiple equipment vendors
  • Create facility utilization data for regulatory reporting

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