Data Integration

Benefit from an intelligent, centralized data repository that does the hard work for you by communicating with your existing systems.

Operations run smoother when different systems communicate.

Unlike other systems out there, M4’s integration capabilities unite nearly all vendor platforms. Your M4 project can house data compiled from the various systems you already have in place. This creates a single reliable information source for each department to work from.

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An open-system approach puts you in control.

Our open-system approach gives you the ability to build on the software systems you already have in place, and ties everything together so information can be edited, managed, and shared across the whole organization. Integrating M4 with existing applications helps you achieve record accuracy across your organization, while eliminating redundant processes. Furthermore, M4 Solutions displays all plant data in a spatially accurate and intelligent view.



  • Integrates multi-vendor billing, accounting, customer service, GPS and network monitoring applications
  • Integrates database applications among all departments
  • Compiles data into customizable reports
  • Brings geographic context to many different applications
  • Supports new software applications when you’re ready to expand…M4 is scalable!
  • Adaptable to evolving interface formats


  • Uses the tools and data you already have in place
  • Improves company-wide communication
  • Eliminates duplicate data entries and inaccurate record keeping
  • Reduces workflow steps
Data Integration

Integration Types

Billing Systems • Workforce Systems • Accounting Systems • Customer Relationship Management •
Element Management Systems • Network Management Systems • Vehicle • Cable Design • And More!


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