Communications Providers

M4 is the go-to solution for Communications Providers.

Running and maintaining a Communications Provider (Broadband, ILEC, CLEC, etc.) facility is challenging work. Here at Mapcom we’ve earned the strongest reputation in the industry for helping Communications Providers run and maintain their facilities more effectively and efficiently. Whether you’re a company with 500 access lines or 500,000, we have a tailored, scalable solution that will leave you wishing you had found us sooner.

Located across America and the globe, our clients are as diverse and unique as the customers they serve. Each of them has benefited from our streamlined operations systems, integration services, and stellar customer support.

Who benefits from M4 solutions?

  • Engineers, OSP Managers, and Plant Record Specialists: With automated staking sheets, intuitive network design features, integrated fiber and copper management, and automated reporting, M4’s tools can reduce the time spent on plant management activities by up to 75%.
  • Customer Service Representatives: Save time with M4 trouble ticket tracking, line assignment, instant DSL and VOD pre-qualifications, and other time-saving service qualifications.
  • Dispatch: Instant customer locates and structure histories cut dispatch time in half.
  • Marketing and Sales: Combining the power of graphics and data gives marketing and sales an instant, accurate picture of their customer base. Sales and marketing teams can also provide customers with real-time quotes and network visualizations.
  • Executive Management: Gone are the days where executives have to wait for reports on truck roll analysis, trouble analysis, cable fill analysis, and other information-rich reports. With M4, everything is available at the click of a button.
Communications Provider Technician

We've built a variety of products for Communications Providers

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