University Networks

Managing a university network has never been so simple.

Universities that maintain their own fiber and copper infrastructure rely on M4 Solutions to manage all details of their systems. Within one easily navigated map, university network managers can receive instantaneous information and updates to plan ahead and respond to outages quickly.

The open-interface approach of M4 Solutions software means campuses can keep their existing records, processes and systems in place. By integrating all these pieces together, users can access all relevant information in one place: an accurate, intelligent map within M4.

How can M4 Solutions benefit your university network?

  • Manage network information by mapping asset, building, student, and staff records in billing software integrated with M4 Solutions
  • Enhance oversight of university security by visually locating security devices and viewing live feeds from cameras
  • Plan for future development by designing and implementing new fiber expansions with the planning features in the M4 Solutions software
University Technology

We've built a variety of products for University Networks

Want to see a more in depth view of how these modules work?

Featured M4 Modules for University Networks