Electric Cooperatives

There’s broadband, and then there’s SMART BROADBAND.

Providing broadband service across your customer base comes with a host of challenges and opportunities. Whether it’s managing, reporting requirements from regulatory agencies, tracking and managing assets, right-of-way management, coordinating maintenance and construction activities, preventing cable strikes, or responding to network incidents.

Smart broadband providers anticipate and get ahead of these challenges with a proven solution that best serves their membership. No matter what stage you’re in, we can help you adopt a smart broadband approach! 


How can we work smarter together?

With the M4 platform, electric cooperatives can design, manage, maintain and report on their fiber network in one easy-to-use platform.


  • Arm your team with purpose-built tools for modeling broadband connectivity at the fiber strand and port level.
  • Leverage a platform that offers interoperability with industry-leading technologies like Calix, Futura Systems, Safe Software and Salesforce.
  • Streamline processes between work groups and systems with a complete view of your network’s location, utilization and customer data.
  • Improve outage management and incident response times with tools designed to monitor and manage plant from end-to-end, reduce the risk of unexpected cable strikes, and quickly view affected customers during network outages.

We've built a variety of products for Electric Co-Ops

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Featured M4 Modules for Electric Cooperatives