Marketing and Sales

Our solutions go well beyond the needs of engineers and technicians. Marketing and sales teams can benefit from a time-saving toolbox of M4 modules built to quickly generate targets for prequalification, upsell, and campaign planning.

Get a bird’s eye view of eligible targets.

Give your customer service, sales, and marketing teams a boost with concise reports and intelligent maps. With up-to-date information pulled from multiple sources into one system, users can see all the information they need to make plans for future sales.

Fiber Route

Plan a new fiber route with automation.

Planning a new fiber route has never been easier. M4 allows network planners, field engineers, and sales engineers to automate the fiber planning process with guidelines established by the user and planning restrictions inputted from the database.

Generate on-the-spot solutions for prospective customers.

In this uniquely evolving industry, it’s critical to develop new revenue streams. Maximize business and residential accounts with one versatile tool; target prospects, identify upsell opportunities, and provide accurate, on-the-spot solutions with a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.

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