Outside Plant

Managing your outside plant can be a breeze when using the right tools. Phase out redundant tasks and ineffective systems with a customized collection of modules designed to simplify your workload. With solutions for managing fiber, copper, coax and more, M4 has the right tool for you.

“The best analysis of data always starts with a picture.”

Watch the video below to hear from FirstLight Fiber about their experience using M4 Solutions to create a uniform, transparent and integrated interface for their organization’s data.

Trace your outside plant with ease.

Tracking your network from end-to-end can be cumbersome. With M4 tools, you can say goodbye to out-of-date practices and trace multiple cable segments through multiple maps with ease.

Plan new routes with correlated visual data.

Plan the future of your network by combining live data with a visual representation of your service area. Find demographic information, service plans, and more to help you strategize the growth of your company’s network.

Outside Plant

Curb the need for swivel chair routines.

No need to repeat the same processes in multiple systems when designing plant. With features such as automated reports, auto-generated cable throws, and integrated data sourcing, your workflows become streamlined and stress-free.

Want an in-depth look at how M4 can help you better manage your outside plant? See how it's done!