M4 Coax

Design, track and manage all elements of your HFC network with a powerful all-in-one tool.


Capture coax design data and manage HFC networks through the full lifecycle, from construction to operation to retirement. M4 Coax ensures completely accurate network documentation and saves time with many convenient features.


  • Ability to connect all plant elements in your HFC network
  • Auto-place assistance for network elements and text
  • Easily tracked plant status from start to finish
  • Automatically calculated cable lengths
  • Link plant to work order for integrated tracking


  • Maintain a complete end-to-end plant representation
  • Reduce repetitive data entry
  • Trace HFC networks through coaxial plant, equipment and fiber
  • Easily plan modifications to your cable infrastructure
  • Assure accurate records and create a unified inventory record
M4 Coax

Perform Time-Saving Tasks as the Touch of a Button

As an extension to M4 Foundation, the M4 Coax module is a high-performance coax management tool. M4 Coax sources data from Lode Data’s Design Assistant™ and expedites your drawing and design processes. Reap the benefits of a data-enhanced, visual management system that simplifies HFC network management.

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