M4 Workforce

Track and manage service orders, trouble tickets and dispatch within one application pre-integrated with customer and network data.


Initiating, scheduling, dispatching and closing tickets is effortless in M4 Workforce’s user-friendly, customizable interface. M4 Workforce integrates with other fault, billing and inventory systems, allowing users to manage each step of the workflow within one application.


  • Set and manage technicians’ schedules
  • Define technician qualifications
  • Drag and drop scheduling
  • Automatically assign tasks with auto-scheduler
  • Schedule tickets automatically via tech pre-qualifcation and location
  • Dynamically search on ticket data
  • Overlay appointments on your own M4 plant maps
  • Integrate with locate and one-call systems
  • Track truck locations with GPS integration


  • Paperless workflow between dispatchers and technicians
  • Real-time communication between field and office
  • Separate ILEC and CLEC activities for management and tracking
  • Manage service orders,  trouble tickets, locates and maintenance appointments in one application
  • Technicians can log in and log out in the field on their own dashboard
  • Color-coded appointments provide easy viewing throughout the day

Video: GVTC's Story

Hear from GVTC about their experience with M4 Workforce and Mobile Tech.

Workforce is proving to be a valuable tool in providing one central interface where everyone in the company can go to track operations.

Jeff Mills

Midvale Telephone Exchange

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Vehicle Tracking

Workforce Tracking Technology

Enhance the power of M4 Workforce by incorporating the latest in vehicle tracking technology. When integrated with a GPS location system, vehicle positions can be tracked and displayed in M4 Workforce. Add a data plan from a cellular or satellite system provider and see the real time transfer of ticket information between the office and the field.

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