M4 Work Order

Track and manage your facilities with ease. Automated staking sheets and reporting capabilities allow you to do more in less time.


The M4 Work Order module helps you track the maintenance history of your facilities through the work order process. The work order begins with the creation of a master record. This record can be customized to track any type of information about the work order, including the work order number, the responsible engineer, various sign-offs, field notes or contractor information. Once the work order has started, the pre-posted work is applied to the central M4 database. Engineers can then share information about a work order that is in progress.


  • Track work orders comprehensively
  • Generate automated staking sheets that include assigned plant detail
  • Generate custom work order reports
  • Create final post staking sheets
  • Easily mark plant for removal
  • Establish multi-user access to work orders in progress
  • Access directory system for archived and active work orders


  • Share work order data with colleagues as work is completed
  • Edit work order and plant data from the field with redline tools
  • Review edits for engineering integrity and quality control
  • Assign staking sheets and work prints to individual employees
  • Digitize changes in a staking sheet without altering live map data
  • Easily digitize and switch between pre-post or as-built status


Average time saved per day for dispatchers using M4

The Work Order module is very robust. It allows us to be more efficient when it comes to creating field sheets.

Orlando Quintanilla

Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc.

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M4 Work Order

Track every step in the process.

As work proceeds, each feature is tagged with its work order number and posting state. From this information, job summary reports can be generated, illustrating material and labor estimates. As the design is completed, work-prints are produced with automatic title blocks and additional throw-away detail. At the job’s completion, the features are changed to as-built status. Digital snapshots of the pre-post and as-built prints are made so that the work history can be reviewed years in the future.

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