Workforce Management

Improve operational efficiency with a tool designed to expedite and simplify.

“Everyone is perfectly and fully informed.”

Don’t take our word for it! Watch the video below to hear from GVTC about their experience using the M4 Solutions Suite to improve data visibility and streamline workforce-centric processes.

Is your workforce as efficient as it could be?

We built our workforce modules to fix today’s most common workforce management frustrations: poor information visibility and technician inefficiency. With the end-user in mind, M4 workforce management starts with streamlined data, allowing accurate and up-to-date information and visibility at every step in the process.

Where are you storing your information?

One of the most common problems we see with our clients is the isolation of information in multiple stand-alone systems. This leads to incomplete or outdated data and duplicated processes. M4 Solutions solves both problems while providing data visibility to all departments.


Data Accuracy

Our modules integrate with your billing and inventory systems, so your data can be updated in real time and your information is guaranteed to be current. Two-way communication is an integral mechanism in M4’s workforce management solutions.

One-Time Data Entry

Re-entering the same data in multiple systems inhibits productivity in your employees. Thanks to M4 Solutions’ open-system approach, you save time and energy with the confidence that data is pooled into one source from all your various systems. All departments can access necessary data in one place. There is no need to make time-consuming interdepartmental requests for information.

Are your technicians losing valuable time?

If your technicians need more hours in the day, it could be a sign that workflows aren’t as efficient or effective as they could be. Cumbersome software or ineffective processes slow operations. Both cost your team time and energy, complicating workflows that could be simplified with the right tools.

Optimized Workflows

Technicians benefit from workforce software designed for flexibility. Reduce planning time with dynamic ticket searching, auto-scheduling, and appointment management. M4 Solutions offers a broad range of features designed to make appointment scheduling and ticket management easier.


Mobile Access from the Field

M4 Solutions allows technicians to access data from the field without depending on dispatchers. Technicians become self-sufficient, due to real-time communication between the office and field, as well as personal dashboards accessible from their tablets and smartphones.

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