M4 Web Console

Remotely navigating and analyzing data is easier than ever before.


M4 Web Console brings your M4 data into a web viewer, where you can access it from anywhere! Easily and efficiently search for data, view the information and verify those records—all in one place. M4 Web Console can also display other M4 modules’ information including plant, customer locations and visual graphic reports.


  • Navigate and analyze map data via a web interface
  • Web console can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection
  • Use custom menus for locates and job specific queries
  • Create spatial queries to find trends in specific areas
  • Utilize Google Maps or other WMS
  • Measure distances quickly and easily
  • Input redlines or other elements
  • Find addresses through Google geocoding
  • Generate directions between addresses


  • Easy access to information anywhere at any time
  • Quickly find plant information through searches and visual representation
  • Aerial views with Google Maps, and familiar interfaces for finding locations
  • View real-time facility and network status
  • Never get lost again– Save time by knowing your driving directions
  • Know exactly how much proposed plant you’ll need based on square miles your plant covers


Average time saved per day for technicians using M4

I have used six other programs in the past, but none of these programs compare to the level of detail and precision provided by M4.

Robert Legg


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