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100% Live Person Guarantee

Full-time personnel are available in our office to answer customer calls and emails throughout the workday. At Mapcom Systems, we go beyond delivering you quality software and mapping services– we provide each client with a road map for managing customers, employees, and the plant more effectively. With ongoing surveys, we constantly track our clients’ performance and satisfaction.

We have a proven 100% Meet and Exceed Rate in Customer Support. Based on the most recent survey, Mapcom clients know they have a 100% live person guarantee for our customer support line from 8:00am to 6:00pm Eastern time. Additionally, extended hours of on-call support technicians are available Monday through Friday, 6:00pm to 8:00pm Eastern Time.

When I first started interacting with Mapcom Systems and M4 Solutions a short while ago, I heard the language about clients being family and I was pretty skeptical. It sounded like the same marketing cliché I’d heard too many times before without any real-world accuracy. But my continuing interactions with Mapcom and particularly the User Conference have made it abundantly clear that Mapcom really does just that – treat their clients as family.

Rodney Grissom

Project Implementation Manager, Intelligent Fiber Network


To help protect its customers from cybersecurity risks, Mapcom Systems partners with Dynetics, Inc. – one of the telecommunications industry’s leading cybersecurity management firms – that enables Mapcom customers to utilize Dynetics’ powerful cyber risk management tool, SelfAssure. SelfAssure is a cloud-based, cyber risk management tool that assesses the effectiveness of implemented cybersecurity controls and provides specific recommendations for mitigating identified weaknesses. Each recommendation is accompanied by five decisions aids to help clients build a prioritized action plan.

All Mapcom Systems clients active in its Maintenance and Support Program will be granted 12-months access to SelfAssure. This will enable them to initiate the SelfAssure cyber risk assessment process. Mapcom Systems clients are encouraged to contact their Client Care Manager for additional information.

The Support Difference

M4 Clients gave our award winning Support Department a ‘Meets & Exceeds Expectations’ score of 99.35% on our most recent customer satisfaction survey. For the last 10 years, clients have given us an average ‘Meets & Exceeds Expectations’ score above 98%. Our philosophy is our customers’ success is our success. This sentiment extends to our development department where the vast majority of enhancement requests come from client suggestions. Our client experience team is committed to your success via educational services, free upgrades, and one-on-one project consultations.


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804-743-1860 x240

Customer Support is open 8am-8pm, ET
Monday – Friday

Client Resources

In addition to our Support staff, we are proud to offer a multifaceted maintenance program to all M4 clients.

Regulatory Report Assistance
Free Software Enhancements
Regional Executive Forums
Special Interest Groups
Live Support Technician Guarantee
Tips & Tricks Webcasts
Certification Training

Project Reviews
Annual Process Evaluations
Database and Server Consultations
Disaster Recovery & Backup
Universal Translator Workbench Construction
Special Discounts on Services

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