Inside Plant

Need help keeping an eye on your Inside Plant? Manage the history, current status, and plans for any piece of equipment with a single, powerful tool that keeps your ISP records current and easily accessible.

Simplify workflows with dependable asset management.

Get accustomed to obstacle-free workflows with features designed for the busy end user. Intelligent maps allow you to geographically view alarms and visualize network connections. M4’s modular-based approach makes tracking your network equipment and inventory painless.

EMS Integration

Benefit from EMS integration.

Bring all the valuable data from your monitoring system into a central repository for information. Using M4, you can visualize alarms and equipment as they are added to your network, and easily see what equipment and customers are affected by card outages. Generate a quick report without ever having to leave M4.

Take advantage of seamless inventory and reporting capabilities.

Create and associate attributes to equipment such as port numbers, bulk reel length, warranty start and end dates, MAC and IP addresses. Take advantage of M4 Inventory’s fool-proof tools such as smart search, bulk equipment transfers, and low inventory alerts.

Reporting capabilities

Want an in-depth look at how M4 can help you better manage your inside plant? See how it's done!