M4 Assignment

Effortlessly streamline the service fulfillment process with the aid of this valuable tool.


M4 Assignment consolidates all your management systems and conveniently monitors network usage and capacity while providing easy navigation through numerous records. This module is configurable and includes auto-assignment capabilities, saving your team valuable time.


  • Assign plant across various networks including copper, FTTH, special circuits, and HFC services
  • Seamlessly integrate with billing to manage the duration of service orders
  • Pre-assign dedicated facilities and establish hard-wired connections
  • Simplify your cutover processes with drag and drop functionality


  • Easily view active assignments
  • Navigate quickly between customer structure and plant information
  • Manage and maintain plant in a central location
  • Eliminate duplicate assignment data entry with a billing integration
  • Automatically select facilities and equipment to simplify the service order process
  • Conveniently manage network usage and capacity

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