M4 Network Equipment

Develop and maintain your entire inside plant service with this interactive tool.


Design, map and manage your entire inside plant for copper, coax and fiber based systems. M4 NEM provides the ability to convert retrievable and audited data into live, interactive rack elevations from information within the database.


  • Trace from A to Z through ISP, OSP, logical and customer connections
  • Manage ISP assets, floor space and bays
  • Design racks and network equipment
  • Import equipment templates from a secure web library
  • Access available port information on a mobile device in the field


  • Evaluate rack space utilization
  • Easily attach images and documents to equipment
  • Seamlessly connect fiber and copper directly to the port
  • Instantly access fiber cut locations
M4 Network Equipment Manager

Design, Map and Manage Entire ISP

The M4 Network Equipment Manager module is an important network operations application that enables telecom providers to supervise their inside plant entirely. An essential part of the M4 Solutions Suite, this module provides the ability to geographically document and manage floor and rack space within the central office.  It also allows the visual representation of a remote and wiring closet, chassis, shelf, port, drawer, card, and jumper level.

The latest version includes updates to handle plant equipment tracking and path tracing. It easily integrates to transfer real-time information and data to or from other Operational Support Systems (OSS) devices. M4 users now have the ability to link customers, channels and circuits to individual pieces of equipment for analysis in conjunction with existing Element Management Systems (EMS), Network Monitoring/Management Systems (NMS) and various signal testing systems. Telcos can significantly reduce outage times by having an instant visual on the fiber cut, common point of failure, and fault status locations. Together with the M4 Fiber module, the M4 Network Equipment Manager enables complete long haul, special circuit and fiber-to-the-premise management.

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