M4 Universal Translator

Profit from the power of this incomparable, data-transforming module.


The versatility of M4 Universal Translator is unmatched. With the ability to share information between M4 and over 320 file formats, users have the flexibility to import and export data using an interface to Safe Software’s FME translation engine. This powerful tool reduces time spent compiling FCC reports by an average of 77% per company.


  • Ability to configure the import/export of 475+ formats
  • Includes 3 pre-defined standard translation routines:
    • AutoCAD
    • ESRI
    • MapInfo
  • Define complex translation workflows
  • Process multiple files automatically


  • Easily distribute information with users of other formats
  • Readily share maps with consistent formatting
  • Reduce wasted time by avoiding duplicate data entry
  • View integrated data seamlessly
M4 Universal Translator

Benefit from the Latest in Spatial Translation Technology

M4 Solutions partners with Safe Software to bring your over 300 convertible formats via the M4 plug-in to FME. Safe Software is the global leader in spatial transformational technology and helps GIS professionals and organizations solve their data interoperability challenges. FME makes it possible for M4 users to efficiently use and leverage their spatial data in nearly any format or application.

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