Customer Service

Using a combination of fully integrated software modules designed to eliminate common customer service pains, companies can improve efficiency, accuracy, and timeliness, and ultimately enhance the customer experience.



Operate with confidence that information is up to date.

Customizable integration cartridges allow users to access information from billing, accounting, CRM systems and more for the most accurate and current data. Customer Service Representatives can view all this and more from a web browser, accessible from anywhere for easy data searching, record verification, and information retrieval.


Services Manager

Accurately prequalify and upsell customers.

Customer service teams can instantaneously make prequalification and upsell decisions with a broad array of information in M4. As data is sourced from outside systems and generated visually on the map, CSRs can quickly see all the relevant information needed to better serve the customer.


Generate service orders and trouble tickets effortlessly.

Benefit from time-saving features like reusable process templates and comprehensive work order tracking. Manage the entire service order lifecycle from start to finish, resulting in improved communication, quicker turn-around, and a better customer experience.


Want an in-depth look at how M4 can help you better manage your customer service? See how it's done!