Outage Duration

Reduce workflow steps, bring geographic content to your applications, and create job-specific reports on outages, usage, and more!


Are outages affecting your efficiency?

When an outage occurs, do you have the tools to resolve it quickly and easily? With over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, we’ve seen how outages can bring efficiency to a grinding halt. Handling outages quickly and effectively improves customer service, giving you the competitive advantage you need among other communications providers.

Network Outages

How quickly can your team get the information and tools they need?

When an outage occurs, dispatchers lose valuable time coordinating resources to identify the problem. With a streamlined system, dispatchers, technicians, and inventory systems meet in a single application that allows technicians to fix an outage as quickly as possible, with minimal interruption to the workday.

How can M4 Help?

Fiber and Circuits Mgmt

Network Equipment Management

Find out who is affected by an outage, and begin remedying it immediately. Manage all of your inside plant equipment with easy tracing, information updated in real time, and seamless integration with other Element Management Systems.

Fiber and Circuits Management

View all aspects of your Fiber and Circuits networks in the field, while seamlessly tracking both equipment and inventory.

Want an in-depth look at how M4 can help you better manage your outage duration? See how it's done!