M4 Foundation

Learn how to maximize efficiency starting with this comprehensive, integrated toolkit.


With M4 Foundation, integrate and connect data from existing billing, accounting, trouble ticket, GPS tracking and network monitoring applications with a land base map of all network elements. M4 Foundation is made up of many different telecom specific CAD tools with one purpose: maximizing efficiency and streamlining your operations.


  • Easily attach, view and edit images connected to map elements
  • Calculate and assign addresses to structures
  • Use a comprehensive set of GIS tools to design, manage and map fiber, copper and coax network infrastructures
  • Import 200+ formats with the Universal translator
  • Define user-specific keyboard shortcuts
  • Contains a multi-user and network-ready system
  • Link map data to existing customer, billing or assignment applications
  • Customize your scenarios when designing new CLEC areas


  • Automatically populate tax district footage information for copper and fiber with enhanced boundary tools
  • Query generation is quick and easy with Auto-SQL
  • Customize reports for defined selection sets
  • Quickly and easily generate street and address reports
  • Integrate this new technology with your existing CAD or OSS programs


of telecom executives believe their network operations could be more efficient. Are you one of them?

We chose the M4 Solutions platform in order to simplify and consolidate our mapping needs. With M4 Solutions, we’ll have quick and easy access to data stored and shared company wide.

DeeDee Kluser

Oregon Telephone

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M4 Foundation

Time-Saving Boundary Tool Capabilites

With M4 Foundation’s enhanced boundary tools, you can quickly and accurately calculate tax boundary information in your serving areas as well as plan for future wire miles in boundaries outside of your current exchange. M4’s boundary tools also identify and allocate telecommunications plant that falls within the polygon-based boundary. This enables telcos and other service providers to properly account for strand and wire miles, even those that span multiple boundaries. See the benefit of eliminating tedious government tax reporting and reducing or eliminating tax expenses padded on to consumers.

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