Over $100 million awarded to Mapcom clients closing the digital divide across rural America

USDA logoEarlier this month, the USDA announced the final awards in round one of the Broadband ReConnect Program. The program offered more than $600 million in loans and grants to fund the construction, improvement or acquisition of facilities and equipment necessary to provide reliable, high-speed broadband service to rural areas.

Nine Mapcom clients were among the 82 projects funded in round one: Ballard Rural Telephone Cooperative, Ben Lomand Connect, Cordova Telephone Cooperative, Farmers Mutual Telephone Company, KanOkla Networks, Oregon Telephone Company, Thacker-Grisby Telephone Company, Wilkes Telephone Membership Corporation, and Yelcot Telephone Company.

Together these organizations received $118,068,052 that will be used to bring fiber broadband access to 26,421 households and more than 60 critical community facilities, healthcare centers, and educational facilities in 10 states.

Mapcom is proud to partner with and support these companies in their effort to close the digital divide that impacts families, businesses, and communities in rural America. According to the FCC, more than 30 million Americans still lack sufficient access to broadband service, primarily in rural areas.


About Mapcom Systems
Mapcom Systems is the developer of the M4 Solutions Suite and Pinpoint811, applications empowering communication service providers to combine data, automation, and fiber management tools to create a complete view of their network that fosters efficiency and growth. Mapcom Systems partners with communication providers around the world, but primarily those in rural America.