RICHMOND, Va. – Mapcom Systems, a global leader in visual OSS and BSS software solutions for telecommunications service providers, is pleased to announce that South Central Indiana Rural Electric Membership Corp (SCI REMC) has begun the implementation of Mapcom’s M4 Solutions Suite. SCI REMC selected M4 Solutions for its integrated fiber management platform and the ability to provide outstanding customer service through efficient trouble response.

SCI REMC has announced a 4-year, large-scale plan to bring fiber to the homes of its rural communities currently without high-speed internet access. Since 1939, SCI REMC has provided essential electric services, mostly in remote rural locations. Availability of high-speed communications and internet access in the areas they serve has become as critical to the health and prosperity of rural communities today as the availability of electricity service in the 1930s.

“High-speed internet access in the rural areas means more economic development, higher property values, and access to advancements like tele-health, online classes and more,” noted Tom Parker, Fiber Division Manager for SCI REMC. “Additionally, installing fiber throughout the SCI REMC service territory will help modernize electric operations to meet members’ growing desires to save energy through load control and other functions that require smart infrastructure, and Mapcom Systems’ M4 Solutions will help us achieve our goals and build a successful business.  We look forward to working with Mapcom and the opportunities the M4 platform affords us.”

By leveraging several modules of Mapcom Systems’ M4 Solutions Suite, SCI REMC will be able to manage their developing fiber network in an integrated platform that intelligently shares data from their key business support systems (BSS). Additionally, they will be able to provide even more efficient and proactive customer service by addressing service outage incidents faster and more accurately.

Rural electric cooperatives, similar to rural telecommunications cooperatives Mapcom serves, respond to the vital need for rural communities to access the same level of service as their metropolitan counterparts – a mission that Mapcom wholeheartedly supports. “SCI REMC, like Mapcom Systems, is on a mission to provide equal access amongst rural communities,” stated Collin Granger, CEO and President of Mapcom Systems. “We’re excited to partner with SCI REMC as they continue to grow and provide quality solutions to customers in Indiana.”

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Mapcom Systems is the developer of M4 Solutions Suite, a visual operating system that helps communications providers manage their workforce and networks, including both outside and inside plant, at the physical and logical levels. Mapcom Systems serves communications providers around the world, but primarily those in rural areas across the United States.


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SCI REMC is a not-for-profit member-owned cooperative focused on providing safe, reliable, cost-effective electricity and energy solutions. SCI REMC, like other cooperatives, is owned by its customers, or members; as an organization, that core identity translates to a high priority in representing and serving the real needs of their local demographics.