M4 Visual Solutions Suite will predict when a carrier can increase revenues and save costs with Positron’s BRX Amplifier/Extenders on their loops

MONTREAL, QC & RICHMOND, VA – Mapcom Systems and Positron Access Solutions are pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership agreement to provide an integrated solution that combines the mapping and asset management capability of Mapcom Systems’ M4 Solutions Suite, using Positron’s BRX amplifiers and Cloud Access Solution for ADSL2+ and VDSL2.

“The Positron Cloud Access Solution creates synergy with M4 Solutions, in that it will allow our customers to better plan and optimize their copper access network to deliver the best possible user experience while improving reliability and revenues in rural America”, said Chuck Flournoy, President of Mapcom.

Mapcom Systems’ M4 Solutions modular OSS platform helps increase efficiency throughout a carrier’s network. By integrating with existing systems, M4 Solutions ensures data is visible to each department without sacrificing accuracy while increasing correlated analysis points. Mapcom Systems offers a variety of solutions to manage operations from top to bottom, with the flexibility to meet a customer’s unique needs.

The integration of M4 Solutions with the Positron Solution significantly simplifies the planning process and will provide predictability on which copper loops could benefit from amplification. Operators will now have the ability to optimize the economics and performance of their copper access networks and calculate the optimum placement for the Positron BRX Amplifiers using the copper loop makeup provided in the M4 customer profile. The Positron cloud-based calculator will be integrated with Google Maps on iOS and Android smartphones to allow field technicians to register the unit’s inventory and geo-location information. Field technicians will then be able to import this data into M4.

The Positron ADSL2+ Broadband Reach Extender BRX-XLR) is a cost-effective solution that extends the reach of deployed ADSL2+ / ADSL DSLAMs or MSANs to deliver 10/1 Mbps to subscribers at 17,000 feet (5.2 km) on a single 24 AWG (0.51mm) copper pair and up to 23,000 feet (7.0 km) on two bonded copper pairs. The BRX-VDSL2 extends the reach of VDSL2 DSLAMs by 2,500 feet to expand the Customer Serving Area (CSA) by 100% and deliver 25/4 Mbps on one pair and 50/8 on two bonded pairs beyond 6,000 feet (1.83 km).
“One of the most important features of the BRX family of products is its placement flexibility. Ensuring uniform service availability for a wide-ranging cluster of subscribers from a multi-pair BRX amplifier at a single location is critical” said Pierre Trudeau, President and CTO of Positron Access Solutions. “Having a wider range of placement options means that existing splice points can be used with multi-pair enclosures, cabinets and pedestals and be easily rolled out as part of a programmed deployment to achieve the required service levels”, said Trudeau. “Paired with Mapcom Systems’ M4 Solutions ability to accurately track outside plant with strand and splice level details, joint customers will benefit greatly from the integrated solution.”


About Mapcom Systems
Mapcom Systems is the developer of M4 Solutions Suite, a visual operating system that helps communications providers manage their workforce and networks, including both outside and inside plant, at the physical and logical levels. Mapcom Systems serves communications providers around the world, but primarily those in rural areas across the United States. For more information, visit the Mapcom website at www.mapcom.com.

About Positron Access Solutions
Positron Access Solutions is the worldwide leader in last mile amplifier/extenders for ADSL2+ and VDSL2 loops enabling carrier to double their serving areas, increase ADSL2+ bandwidth by 2X to 4X and extend the distance of VDSL2 by 2,500 feet. Positron also provides multi-pair Bonded Copper and Fiber solutions including Metro Ethernet services, MTU/MDU and DMT backhaul applications. Positron Access was first to deliver an 8-pair bonded VDSL2 solution supporting Vectoring, G.INP and compliant with ITU G.991.2. Positron’s FS-GIGA SDWAN CPE is a NID, Modem, L2 /L3 switch with fiber, G.PON, G.fast, and VDSL2 ports that is CE 2.0 certified by the MEF. It is the first commercial product to deliver 1 Gbps symmetrical service at a distance of 800 feet on telephone wires. For more information, visit the Positron Access website at www.positronaccess.com.