Published: 01 December 2014

M4 software was chosen to simplify and centralize records for managing campus telecommunications network.


December 1, 2014 – RICHMOND, VA – Mapcom Systems, a leading provider of visual operations management software, announced today that the University of Kansas Medical Center, located in Kansas City, Kansas, has selected M4 Solutions as the operations solution to help manage its telecommunications network and other institutional data and fiber facilities. The M4 software maps the campus’ network systems, while providing a visual context which can be extended to integrate with other existing software applications and databases.

The University of Kansas Medical Center needed a better system to manage the voice and data network infrastructure and integrate that data with existing applications that managed space inventory. They were looking for a partner to help import, convert and consolidate their data from multiple sources into a system that would provide visual representation in a user defined interface to allow them to manage, maintain, report and plan in one integrated platform. The search committee conducted a thorough evaluation and ultimately issued an RFP. After due diligence, the University of Kansas Medical Center awarded Mapcom Systems the bid because the flexible nature of M4 Solutions allowed Mapcom to satisfy the needs of both the Telecommunications and Facilities teams.

“We’ve just started implementing M4 and are excited to see where the project takes us. We’re using the system a little differently by incorporating our Facilities department’s space management system with our Telecom and Networking OSP/ISP infrastructure,” said DeAnna Villareal, Associate Director of Voice Operations. “We look forward to the future when administrators from around the campus will be able to get a comprehensive view of our campus,” added Villareal.


About the University of Kansas Medical Center

The University of Kansas Medical Center, a campus of the University of Kansas, offers educational programs and clinical training through its Schools of Health Professions, Medicine, Nursing, and Graduate Studies. The University of Kansas Medical Center serves Kansas through excellence in education, research, patient care and community engagement. For more information about the University of Kansas Medical Center, visit


About Mapcom Systems

Mapcom Systems is the developer of M4 Solutions – a visual operations platform that allows service providers to manage their workforce, as well as fiber, coax, wireless and copper networks, including both outside and inside plant at the physical and logical levels. M4 Solutions enables users to integrate and correlate data from existing billing, accounting, GPS tracking, element management and network monitoring applications in a powerful visual interface to all network elements. Since 1971, Mapcom has worked with independents, cooperatives, fiber communities, and campus telecommunications providers of all sizes across the United States, Canada, Central America and the Caribbean. For more information, visit the Mapcom website at


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