477-december-purple-300Though we wish the holiday season would last forever, telecoms need to start preparing now for the deadlines approaching at the start of 2016. One of those upcoming responsibilities is the submission of the comprehensive and time-consuming FCC Form 477. Don’t wait until February to start collecting data! Start the New Year off the right way by enrolling in Mapcom’s FCC Reporting Assistance by January 31, and reap these three benefits.

  1. Save your workforce valuable time and energy. Just how much time are we talking about? As I mentioned in a previous blog, the FCC estimates that telecoms spend an average of 387 hours completing Form 477. Let us do the heavy lifting for you by consolidating data with the M4 Universal Translator. On average, our assistance results in a 77% reduction in time spent compiling these reports per company. This means your company dedicates less time and fewer resources to the reporting effort, letting you focus on other top priorities.
  2. Enroll once and enjoy an even more efficient process next time. If you’ve never enrolled before, we will work with you to compile the most complete, accurate and detailed data from your records. Once we’ve gone through this process with you, we’ll have a roadmap to simplify and hasten the process for your September deadline and beyond!
  3. Take advantage of the data you collect in new ways. The value of this data extends beyond simply meeting the FCC reporting requirements. Explore new uses for boundary maps, fresh opportunities for integration, and innovative tools for landing potential customers. This is a constructive exercise for optimizing the strength of your M4 project!

If you have questions about our process or would like to sign up for Mapcom’s FCC Reporting Assistance, email us today! For more Form 477 information, check out our previous blog posts.