Manage Your Campus Network Visually

You may think you know M4 Solutions, but did you know our software extends beyond the telecom industry? University campuses across the country are now finding M4 to be the magic management tool for their sprawling networks. How does M4 benefit a campus? Let’s take a look!


First, campus ITS professionals can get used to easy-to-use diagrams, reports, and visual maps to get quick snapshots of their networks. These “smart” maps can integrate information from a variety of sources, compiling images, circuit information, even billing data if necessary, all in one central location. The M4 open-system approach means a painless transition; there’s no need to eliminate the systems and processes already established, thanks to our integration cartridges.

Some of the details of M4 Solutions campus capabilities include:

  • A multi-user and network-ready system
  • Splice schematics
  • Port-to-port tracing for inter-building connectivity
  • Ability to view physical pathways and cross-sectional views of conduit
  • Ease of circuit capacity viewing and tracking

Campuses use M4 Solutions for four primary purposes, the first being Communications Management. With M4, you can easily view campus maps to monitor and maintain network infrastructure and plant. Import building floor plans, track fibers and more with a visual map that can host a breadth of data. Cut down swivel chair routines by bringing inside and outside plant- both the physical and logical layers –into one system.

M4 can be used to boost Security. Geographically locate all your security resources and outputs. As noted later, we’ve also seen a wide variety of more specialized security integrations. Additionally, Mapcom has partnered with Dynetics to bring their SelfAssure portal to our clients, adding powerful cyber-risk management tools essential to network management in the 21st century.

If you’re interested in M4 for Planning, Design, and Construction, you can look forward to easily calculated construction cost scenarios, simply designed work orders, and consolidated records.  Track department room assignments and associated data in the context of floorplans. Communication between departments will be streamlined by sharing information seamlessly throughout your teams.

Finally, M4 for Help Desks and Network Management reduces downtime during network crises and expedites trouble responses by sharing information with help desks. You can even view affected customers during outages.

Because of the variety and ingenuity of our clients, we’ve also seen billing integrations, security integrations that allow you to view live camera feeds within the context of the campus map, locate unlocked doors, and identify entrants based on card swipe. KUMC harnessed the power of M4 Universal Translator to setup auto imports of Jack data from third-party software allowing them to view jacks and their attributes in the context of their floorplan maps. The point? With Mapcom’s M4 Solutions and your own creative ingenuity, truly anything is possible.


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