Hot TechnologyAfter months of closed-door meetings and top secret planning, the Mapcom Systems team is almost ready to unveil our RTIME “Hot Technologies” entry! You will have to wait until the RTIME convention in Orlando, FL to see the big reveal, but we want to share some spoilers with our devoted blog followers and fans.

Let’s back up for a minute. Each year at the RTIME convention, different exhibitor organizations are invited to participate in the “Hot Technologies” display, the object of which is to reveal a new piece of technology or innovation (products or services) that has been produced or significantly improved upon since last year’s convention. Participation is optional, but each year we take a lot of pride in submitting Mapcom Systems’ entries; creating technology that improves customers’ lives is basically what we do every single day. Since its inception, Mapcom Systems has placed in the top 3 every year that the contest has taken place, and we aren’t about to slack off this year!

So what nifty trick are we revealing this year? With M4 RevGen’s new Customer Insight Functionality, you can bring together business intelligence gathered through network flow data, customer premise equipment, element management systems, and network monitoring systems. This cool new functionality layers data on maps of your service area through graphical icons, patterned boundary areas, and heat maps in relation to your network assets. With Customer Insight, your team is better informed about your customers and can make informed marketing decisions related to upselling, new services and products to launch, and changing usage patterns on your network.

Be sure to stop by the Hot Technologies display at the RTIME Expo to find out more. Then stop by the Mapcom Systems booth to grab some free goodies. We can’t wait to see you there!