beyondfccreports-july28-300pxWith the FCC Form 477 deadline coming up September 1, we have been helping many of our users simplify the reporting process. But we wondered, beyond easing government reporting pains, how else might this data be useful to our clients? So we asked!

Chris Brown, Director of Production Programming at Mapcom Systems, is the go-to FCC Reporting expert. Every year he helps a number of users complete their FCC requirements with the assistance of their M4 software and the Universal Translator. But aside from reducing yearly costs by asking for our help with this repeatable process, what else might this service provide for our clients?

We asked one of our users how he has seen more value from enrolling in our M4 Form 477 process.

Q: How does using the M4 Form 477 service to compile needed data affect the form submission process?

A: The M4 Form 477 process is more efficient than completing the form on our own: takes less resources and less time to compile the data.

Q: Beyond FCC reports, how might the information gathered in this process benefit you?

A: One benefit we found was a company-wide node/boundary map for all different technologies, which is being used by management to make CAPX decisions and network upgrades.

Q: What other ways has your company utilized this data?

A: Our company will take the loop length and technology data for each structure and integrate it with CSR software for more accurate sales and decision-making for potential customers. Will integrate with company website for customers to use online as well.

Q: Are there any metrics that this process has helped or allowed you to take advantage of?

A: Because we are an umbrella of multiple companies, it was very beneficial to have gone through the process of creating maps/boundaries and reference spreadsheets of all the nodes and technologies for the entire company, and have it located in one mapping system

As you can see, the M4 Form 477 service creates value far beyond simply saving clients’ time and resources during reporting season. For more information on FCC Form 477, visit our other blog post.