uc-purple-300 - CopyEvery year at our annual M4 Users Conference, we award some outstanding clients for their accomplishments over the past months. The Campus Innovation, Proactive Plant Management, and Rookie Company of the Year awards are given to the companies we think have demonstrated growth or improvement through the utilization of M4.

New to the conference this year? Here are the awards and the accomplishments they celebrate:

Campus Innovation Award
For outstanding implementation of M4 Solutions in a campus environment

Proactive Plant Management (also known as PPM)
For innovation, company-wide application, and improving quality of work life for each employee

Rookie Company of the Year
For exceptional speed and breadth in the implementation of M4 Solutions

These awards are given to companies that have made measurable strides throughout the year. We keep an eye on our clients’ projects and progress, and highlight those who match the spirit of the awards best, using a number of metrics and comparisons.  For more insight into the benchmarking we use as a guide, check out our list of metrics here.

Want to find out who wins big? Be sure to register for the M4 Users Conference and book your hotel. See you soon in Richmond, VA!