Form 477We want to help you submit FCC Form 477 before the upcoming spring deadline. On March 1, providers across the nation are expected to upload all data as of December 31 into the FCC’s online filing system. This comprehensive form includes information on service availability, broadband deployment, subscriptions, and more. With this much data to compile, it’s no wonder so many clients turn to Mapcom Systems to streamline the process.

All clients providing wireline and wireless broadband internet access, local exchange, and interconnected Voice over Internet Protocol (“VoIP”) services must file Form 477. The FCC uses this information to create a national dataset to see what parts of the U.S. are covered and where competition is greatest. Published twice a year, the FCC’s reports then inform the public and policymakers about trends in broadband and local telephone competition.

Mapcom Systems can save your employees valuable time and energy by compiling relevant data for you. This labor-intensive filing can take upward of 300 hours to complete without our help. Because our process is customized to each company’s specific needs and variables, we’re closing enrollment after January 31. If you’re interested in learning more about our process, hearing about the potential benefits, or are ready to sign up for our assistance, contact us today!