uc-300Want to take your M4 expertise to the next level? Get M4 Certified! Our customer certification program includes four levels of achievement: Specialist, Professional, Expert, and Master. You can take quizzes on the modules you own to earn new points and reach the next level. But if you want to fast-track your certification, there’s no better opportunity than at the M4 Users Conference.

The in-depth optional trainings are the perfect chance to brush up on module basics and advanced skills. In a small classroom setting, attendees will get to talk through specific M4 workflows with subject matter experts and take this knowledge to the M4 Certification Lab.

At any time during the M4 Users Conference attendees are welcome to visit the Certification Lab, where you’ll find laptops prepared with M4 training projects and quizzes. A Mapcom Systems team member will be available to help set you up and answer any questions. Simply take a handful of short quizzes to earn points toward your certification- with so much knowledge fresh on your mind, you could accomplish a new certification level in a matter of days!

Last year, over 15% of Users Conference attendees achieved new M4 Certification levels while on-site at our Certification Lab. With quizzes varying between 4 and 8 points, attendees only need 16 points to reach the next rung of certification. Here’s the breakdown below:

M4 Certification

M4 Specialist – 24 points
M4 Professional – 40 points
M4 Expert – 56 points
M4 Master –72 points

M4 Web Application Certification

M4 Web Specialist – 24 points
M4 Web Professional – 40 points
M4 Web Administrator – qualifying administrator exams

Need more info on M4 Certification? Find out the details here. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients succeed with M4 Solutions, so visit the M4 Users Conference website and register today!