Twice a year, the FCC requires communication service providers to submit the FCC Form 477. The FCC uses this form to audit government-provided subsidies allocated for broadband infrastructure.

FCC's US Broadband Coverage Map

The metrics reported are then used to create data sets that highlights what areas of the rural US currently have coverage, areas of competition, and assists the commission in adjusting regulation parameters twice a year.

For a more expansive look at the current map of coverage (above), please visit the FCC’s interactive map here.

Filing Form 477 is mandatory and can often be time-consuming and frustrating without the correct tools in place. Without the correct tools, your company must pull your staff away from their day-to-day activities and other important projects, often amounting to hundreds of hours of vital time. If your team doesn’t get an early start, or fiber cuts or other emergencies require your attention, it can be a struggle to gather all the data you need, leaving your company scrambling to meet the FCC’s deadlines.

While the September 1 deadline seems far off, it’ll be here before we know it! Read on to learn how Mapcom can help you report with ease and the long-term benefits it can provide to you and your team.

What FCC Reporting Assistance can do for you

Once enrolled in our FCC Reporting Assistance program, Mapcom helps you do the heavy lifting so you and your team can continue to focus on other key initiatives – like keeping your networks running efficiently or responding to outages and service orders – all without disruption. Below are three additional benefits previous participants have shared about their experience.

1. Workforce Time and Energy Saved: On average, the FCC estimates the CSPs spend an average 774 hours annually to complete Form 477. Companies who partner with Mapcom report they now spend an average of just two to three hours on their reporting, allowing them to reallocate time and resources back to other vital initiatives.

2. Enroll Now, Efficient Filing for the Future: We work to compile the most complete and accurate account of your network data, which allows us to update and report with ease year over year in our assistance program.

3. It’s Not Just For The FCC: With all of your data together in one place, you can unlock even more opportunities. Strengthen your M4 project with new uses of boundary maps, opportunities for integration, and innovative tools to grow your customer base.

What’s the best part of taking advantage of this time-saving initiative? For current M4 users, this program is included in your annual Maintenance package, with up to 20 hours of assistance every year.

How to participate in Mapcom’s FCC Reporting Assistance program

Ready to get started? Enrolling in Mapcom’s FCC Reporting Assistance program is quite simple:

  1. Request FCC Reporting Assistance from our team at the end of this post
  2. Our team will review your current data
  3. Once your data is reviewed, setup and implementation will begin
  4. Finally, a reporting template will be delivered to you and your team

If you have questions about our process or would like to sign up for Mapcom’s FCC Reporting Assistance for the Fall submission deadline, there’s still time! For companies who haven’t previously enrolled in our FCC Reporting assistance, the deadline is May 1. Returning participants should enroll by June 1.

Contact us today to get started!