Mapcom Systems recently traveled to San Diego for the Rural Telecom Industry Meeting & Expo (RTIME).

We debuted a couple of the newest capabilities in M4 as part of the 2017 “Hot Technologies” exhibit! Continue reading to find out more.

Mapcom Systems introduces new Spatial Query capabilities and Map Types in to M4 Web Console. These new improvements allow Web Console and M4 RevGen Suite to enhance the value they deliver Mapcom Systems’ clients. The new Spatial Query improvements allow clients to return business intelligence data results that fall within a polygon boundary physically drawn or selected by the user. Clients can look for areas where recent customers have subscribed, for recent troubles in that area, or for customers with certain levels of service. Along with M4 RevGen Suite, users can visualize prospects and opportunities, their proximity to existing facilities, and quickly generate build estimates or create targeted campaigns. This streamlines the business process and enables users to find what they need easily.

New Map Types available include terrain views and street views in M4 Web Console. These Map Types allow clients to visualize topographical information for better planning and design, and also lets them see likely obstacles through street view pictures. Clients then have a better understanding of their service area.

These enhancements extend the value provided by M4 Web Console and allow M4 RevGen Suite to deliver more efficiencies to further accelerate revenue for service providers.