ucblog-aug4-300pxWe know many of our users are still working out plans to attend the 2015 M4 Users Conference. While you’re waiting on approvals and scheduling, take a look at these cold hard facts based on last year’s Users Conference feedback!
Each year, attendees expand their product knowledge through trainings, networking with other users, and acquiring M4 Certification points in our Certification Lab. We also host targeted Special Interest groups, informative workshops, and offer attendees a sneak peak at upcoming product enhancements.If your supervisor still isn’t convinced, here’s a breakdown of the M4 Users Conference by the numbers:

    • Last year, over 15% of Users Conference attendees achieved new M4 Certifications while on-site at our Certification Lab.
    • Over 35% of our attendees took advantage of the 1-on-1 meetings- a chance to meet with an M4 project expert and discuss enhancement ideas, suggestions or concerns.
    • Our 2014 M4 workshops and optional trainings achieved a 100% “Meets and Exceeds Expectations” rating, while the conference overall achieved 99.8%.
    • We have given out 24 company awards over the course of 13 Users Conferences, including awards for Leadership, Proactive Plant Management, Rookie of the Year, and more.
    • Some of you may not be ‘numbers people’, so let’s hear from the attendees themselves:
      • “Many, many opportunities for high quality interaction with the entire Mapcom team! This is the most valuable part, with interaction with peer organizations a close second. Thank you!”
      • “Met a lot of great people using and customizing M4 in interesting ways. Generated many take-aways to apply to our existing project.”
      • “This was my first trip out to the Users Conference, and I am certainly hoping for a return. The entire experience was great, from the food to the information exchanged and contacts made.”

Our 2015 M4 Users Conference will be held in historic Richmond, VA from October 13-15. To register or just find some more detailed information, visit our Users Conference website here!