M4 Color 300 dpiAs 2015 comes to a close, we have been reflecting on our accomplishments over this past year: countless upgrades, two releases, a top-rated Users Conference, and more. One of our 2015 additions is right in front of you – the Mapcom Blog. Eager to better reach clients and share in industry conversation, we’ve been writing here 2-3 times a week. But did you know you can also find our ideas in some leading industry publications?

Sharing knowledge and insight is a passion of ours. Covering trending news (like Gigabit internet) and best practices (such as optimizing GIS), our recent publications can teach readers new ways to generate revenue, reduce costs, and improve operations. Here’s what you may have missed:

OSP Magazine (August 2015 Issue)
Forget Being a CSP. Be a TSP! by Elyse Granger, Managing Editor

Read up on Elyse’s recommendations for  transitioning from a Communication Service Provider (CSP) to a Technology Solutions Provider (TSP). With the continued boom of “smart” technology, providers must anticipate and meet their customers’ changing needs. Helping folks use and manage new technology will be the factor that allows some CSPs to rise above the competition.

  • Find out what exactly a TSP is and how you can become one
  • Learn how to get to know your customers and identify their technology needs
  • Hear about a company that made the leap from CSP to TSP and how it improved their business and customer service image

Broadband Communities Magazine (August/September 2015 Issue)
Supercharge ROI with GIS by Tom Brooks, Director of Product Solutions

Tom’s fiber-focused contribution dives into the potential of your GIS. Go beyond network design by using GIS tools to gain powerful insights and maximize return on investment. Combine tactical sales strategies with smart engineering by relying on shared accurate, detailed and reusable data that’s made available to all the appropriate teams.

  • Read up on the benefits of joining the “odd couple” of engineering and marketing
  • Find out how customized interfaces save time and better manage data
  • Look at the ways to eliminate information silos for optimum ROI

Rural Telecom Magazine (November/December 2015 Issue)
Innovation and the P3P Mindset by Jonathan Crawford, Manager, Marketing and Business Development

Rural CSPs often face challenges unique to their locations, such as complex geography, sparse populations and sprawling service areas. However, Jonathan suggests all rural CSPs can become leading innovators with the right mission: prioritize plant, people and processes. This mantra helps providers to capitalize on assets, recognize unique opportunities and execute operations efficiently.

  • See how improved network monitoring allows a CSP to move with agility
  • Learn the many ways rural CSPs benefit from great customer service and employee relations
  • Examine workflows and operations to eliminate time-wasting processes

OSP Magazine (December 2015 Issue)
Small But Fast by Brittany Diaz Judge, Content and Campaign Manager

Telecommunications giants have already begun deploying gigabit projects, threatening to crowd out smaller providers. But who says it has to be this way? Brittany’s article outlines a three-stop process to joining the race. By gauging community demand, applying dynamic strategy, and selling the “wow factor” of gigabit internet, rural providers have the power to outrun the bigger competition and lead their customers to the next level of fiber service.

  • Learn how to measure your community’s giga-readiness through education and assessment
  • Get some tips for deploying gigabit technology quickly and efficiently
  • Find out how to market the potential power of gigabit technology and position your company as a community advocate for technological advancement